Let’s start our cretivity and cocreation workshops at Taber school!

Everything was ready. Our commitment to disclosure is very risky and we were aware of it. We had devised, prepared and rehearsed a workshop for primary and secondary school teachers.

Fear? No, responsibility before the events that were coming.

The first to receive this workshop, our guinea pig, would be the Tàber school in Barcelona.

The Tàber school in Barcelona is a primary school with a team of teachers very involved and that welcomes children with hearing difficulties.

We wanted to control the space, the audiovisual media, have tables and chairs according to our needs and make a general review before the participants arrived.

We arrived at the school, they invited us to go to the teachers’ room and we met with the director, she really wanted to know about what we were going to do. We explained to him that the workshop was finally going to consist. Time was coming, we had to hurry.

We arranged the tables and chairs, we prepared the material, we turned on the computer and the digital board, everything seemed in order.

That warm June 22 was presented in the school library by about 30 teachers. There was interest and expectations.

Irene took the floor, David introduced Irene and Irene introduced David. The first workshop of Es x Ciencia had begun.

The participation and involvement of all the teachers left us with a good memory. We received a lot of information from them about the difficulties they were encountering in order to develop their work as teachers and we provided them with options to work on science with the students.

We all enjoyed and learned. The first workshop had been successful. We have to recognize that the Tàber school had just set the bar very high and that it would be difficult to overcome.

There is a high perception of lack of knowledge and this is tried to solve through the exchange between professionals, internet searches and visits to specialized centers.

In relation to resources there are many complaints regarding physical space and tangible materials, but the perception improves in relation to the most technological resources and is very positive compared to the use of platforms such as YouTube, devices such as mp3 or music players and the fact of having a park near the school.

There are programmed excursions linked to the thematic areas that are treated in the school and these are very well valued. The most classic educational methodologies such as reading, underlining, making records, magisterial classes, do not have a good reception among the students. On the other hand, the most active and participative dynamics that involve, create, construct, dialogue, dibulate, manipulate and experiment have a very good relationship.

The administrative aspects such as the curriculum, the evaluative needs, or the disposition of the times to prepare the classes are perceived very negatively. There is a great concern due to the overcrowding of the classrooms.

At the content level, it is proposed to deal with cosmology, meteorology and logic, with transdisciplinary formats that include a sense of humor.

After this first meeting, we have continued working with this school, but that we will tell you in other posts … We continue!