Final rehearsals

We are only a few days away from the premiere of our little show. With less than a week left and we are finalizing all the little details.

I will not deny it, we are very nervous. There are many illusions put into this project that has taken us to different places of the spanish geography and to meet amazing people.

Last week our heads didn’t stop. We had the typical doubts everyone has before a premiere. Will people like the show? Will it be easy to understand? Will we have chosen the correct format? Are we sure of the costumes and the music?

Last Sunday we rented a room in the facilities of nunArt Guinardó for a penultimate rehearsal. The last one will be next Monday in Jerez, just before the premiere at IES Paterna in Paterna de la Rivera, a small town of Cádiz.

This time we were with Dídac Roger, as an audiovisual professional, and his very nice 5-year-old daughter India (we also wanted children in the audience), as well as our friend, actor and clown Santi Mondragon.

The room was cosy and really charming and we were motivated and eager to perform in front of our small audience. Everything was ready for the start.

For us, more than a rehearsal, it was a premiere, we wanted real reviews and good feedback that would make us improve some aspects.

It was a long day with a lot of hard work behind. Creating a show so different from what it already exists related to science is exciting, but it is also challenging.

Now we are ready. We know we have an original, fun and very educational product.

We know you’re looking forward to seeing photos, but you’ll have to wait a bit. We do not want to reveal our secrets before the premiere. 😉

Next stop Jerez de la Frontera !!!

Do you know why? Because It is for Science (Es X Ciencia)