CEIP La Marquesa, Jerez de la Frontera

We had a challenge, two “gigs” in one single morning.
The first one at 10 a.m. and the next one at 12 p.m. A crazy thing that turned out well for a reason, Jerez was the operation centre of the Project, and we had the materials, trips and transport on hand. It gave us the confidence needed to keep to the timelines.
On this occasion we were hosted in CEIP La Marquesa (Jerez de la Frontera) by its headmaster Daniel, who made our work easier all the way.
Although we had performed our show for the first time the day before, this second time was like a new debut for us due to the age of the audience. We had proceeded from an IES to a CEIP.
Andalusian public is a demanding one because they are surrounded by fun and jokes everywhere, but it also appears that they have a great disposition to have fun and discover new things.
As soon as we came on stage, the laughter started and it didn’t stop until the 40th minute.

This helped us to be really connected to our audience through all the show and it allowed us some improvisations that really pleased the public. However, we are never satisfied just with the playful part of #esxciencia, we also want to make sure we have managed to transmit the informative part.

Two events, two sessions, two shows, two moments of laughs and applause, but also two moments of questions, issues and statements about science. This is what we like the most, though we can’t deny we love being clowns, scientific clowns.

We had finalized the second day of our tour so it was time to prepare our suitcases because the next day we flew from Málaga to Belfast. Two new spaces were waiting for us, and for sure, a very different spectators.

Thanks a lot and a lot of Science.