We came from the cold Mancha to go to the rainy País Vasco, not free of cold.

Spain from end to end. It was initially the south, then the centre and now the north.

Mutriku received us, as always, full of expectation for anything new and innovative. I can remember those teachers attending to our workshop on 10 July and how that surprised us pleasantly.

This time the setting was a great sports centre from which we chose a more cosy and intimate zone for our show.

It was incredible how many teachers got involved and came to see if everything was right or if we needed anything else. In IES Mutriku there is no lack of predisposition and will to do things.

The teens gradually arrived. Do we prefer to perform for pupils or teenagers? Uff, it’s difficult to answer.

Silence!! Music sounds. #esxciencia has taken País Vasco.

There’s very little dialogue in our show #esxciencia. The little we speak we do in spanish and english, but for this performance we learned all the text in euskera. All attendants were amazed for it and all recognized the worth of our gesture.

Our noses were still all blocked up with snot but also the spaces we visited were fulling of science.

Thanks a lot to Mutriku and a lot of science.