The end of the beginning

It is the end because we closed our project #esxciencia with this last performance in Escola Tàber in Barcelona. But it is also the beginning because we are going to continue spreading science anywhere in the world where our show of clown and science may be requested. We are becoming more proud of our show every day.

A cozy sports hall equipped with a sound and light system would receive us that cold December morning. Escola Tàber had welcomed us.

We enclosed the space, we prepared our more than 70 items, the cameras, we tested the sound and we put our clownish costumes on, so we were ready to start and connect to an audience eager of science. It can be easily noticed!

We had decided, for technical reasons, that this would be the chosen performance to be fully record, in order to make a complete video of our show. Three cameras, an additional light equipment and a field microphone would be the responsibles of recording all the scenes.

You may think that we felt under high pressure with all this audiovisual montage, but it was quite the opposite. Our commitment is always to attending public and science.

Escola Tàber was the first school in hosting us when the project started and it would become the last one in seeing us perform. It was just a coincidence, this only came up for calendar issues. The whole experience with Escola Tàber was complete and fulfilling at all levels.

The year nearly is ended but science still goes on.

We keep in touch because this is #esxciencia.