Through lands of Castilla

Caudete and Almansa or Almansa and Caudete. These two villages of La Mancha can be found in Albacete province, separated from each other by 35 kilometres. We really wanted to bring them our show #esxciencia because the previous experience with these two schools was very interesting and nice.

We came from our United Kingdom tour greatly satisfied for english public’s acceptation, not as we originally imagined because we thought it would be more difficult to reach them. We came back then to Spain willing to give our all and showing and teaching a lot of science.

On 14 December it was the turn of CEIP Gloria Fuertes in Caudete. I must say that the faculty of this centre is astounding. It’s an incredible team always wanting to do things in the right way.

It was a cold morning, a dark cold as teacher Almansa described it. The chosen place was a multipurpose room. As always the protocol consisted in taking a look to the space and its capacity, in checking the sound equipment, the age of the students… Then we started to stage everything. At our beginnings it all took one and a half hour, but at this point we have enough with 45 minutes.

Music is sounding once more for #esxciencia and let the show begin.

It still surprises us, and this is not false modesty, how girls and boys everywhere we go are able to pick all the science out from our crazy train trip of two clowns.

Next day, friday, it was the turn of CEIP José Lloret in Almansa. The same we have said about the school in Caudete fits in this other centre. Working with these two implicated educative teams was a privilege.

This morning, when we were preparing all our stuff, the local television approached to us. They had heard about our project and our presence in the province. They wanted to talk to us for a while and film some part of the show.

Thank you so much to all of you once again, to all students and teachers. We will never forget how people of La Mancha treated us and how we enjoyed doing what we had come to do, to spread science.

Our clown suitcases were asking us for more adventures so that very afternoon we left to Mutriku.

But this is another story, and another post. 😉