X Science

It is for Science because everything around us has something to do with science. This project was born because its willing to promote science culture in schools.

Scientific Resources

X Design

It is for Design because everything can be designed. Design Thinking will help us to understand our learning experiences as something to be designed. It will empower us through empathy exercices, and it will empower the user, teachers and students, by democratizing design tools. We want to get closer to schools and offer them a high quality science show.

Design Resources

X Arts

Its is for Arts becuase life is full of Art. Because we can’t understand the world without Arts. We believe that it is all interconnected. Looking at science through artist eyes will help us understanding and humanizing a discipline that sometimes is considered as something cold and hard. We believe that science can be understood as the art of unreveling the misteries of Univers.

Artistic Resources