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Science can also be told by art. The art of words, and storytales in this case, can help us very much when we want to introduce, explain o transmit any topic, information or message. Science is not just about laws and experiments but it also can be a matter of values.

The first tale shows us  that everyone of us  has his or her own strenghts and weaknesses, and how this can influence in teamwork and coexistence with others. It talks about the importance of taking our imperfections and insecurities and turn them into other points of view and new oportunities. No one is dispensable.



It is said that one day there was a peculiar assembly in some carpenter’s shop. All the  carpenter’s tools met to settle existing differences among them. So the hammer, which always performed his function as president, was forced to resign from his post because the rest of the assembly told him that everyone was sick of him and how noisy he was.

The hammer was really wise and understood what was happenig so he accept his own guilt. At the same time, he asked for the screw to be expelled because a lot of turns were needed for it to be used.

In face of the hammer’s assault, the screw also accepted his guilt but he also asked for the  sandpaper to be expelled. Very eloquently he convinced everybody that she was too much rough with the others so she always had brushes with somebody for one reason or another.

The sandpaper was reasonable and she agreed to the accusation, not before asking the  immediate and irrevocable expulsion of the measuring tape, which was always sizing the others up thinking he was the perfect one.

They were immersed in their assembly when suddenly the carpenter entered and took the hammer, a few screws, the sandpaper and the measuring tape together with some good wood boards and he built a magnificent hand made piece of furniture.

When the carpenter’s shop stayed alone again, the assembly resumed the discussion. It was then that all of them were shocked by the the pice of furniture the carpenter just made using them. The hand saw took the floor and said:

“Ladies and gentleman, what makes us truly valuable are our qualities. In spite of our imperfections, we are capable of creating. It is only a matter of looking on the bright side and so we will see that our friend hammer is strong and the screw bonds and gives strenght. Even we will see that the measuring tape is precise and accurate, and the rough sandpaper is capable of polishing and refining the most rude wood.”


The second tale tells us a quotidian action that everyone could have done in any time for sure, but from a different point of view. It is an example of how our actions, no matter how small or inofensive they could seem, can affect our surrounding world, our environment. It also wants to teach us the value of putting oneself in another’s shoes, whether it is your fellow or not, and respecting life.



Nani woke up and she could hardly open her eyes, closing them again as quickly as she could. She was blinded by rays of sunlight. How can it be this late hour?

She felt her body still wet, but it had almost been dried up completely. Nothing like this ever happened to her before. She had always woken up covered by water drops and had felt how they were drying in a slowly way. It was such a pleasant felling that it made her sense a tingly feeling. But that day the dream was in full swing so she lost that delightful moment.

The moon and the stars were to blame. Nani had been almost all night regarding the firmament. She liked the moonlight lightning her. There came a moment that she stop feeling her weiht, it was like she had merged into the moon’s face, she felt like she was part of that bright enigmatic sphere. In some occasion she believed the moon was smiling her, it was a sweet smile. Some moments the sleep had more power and she couldn’t keep her eyes open but right away she openned them again, it was like a voice in the distance and yet from inside telling her not to close them. Each time she openned her eyes again, there she was, far, gentle, calm, as white as snowball, and unlike her, the moon was warm. From the earth Nani could felt her heat…It was a magic halo that hardly words could describe.

She sighed again and again, it was still hours until the night would come back. But there was no reason to be sad, there was another friend of her, the Sun, not such romantic and mysterious, but certainly a good friend. Thanks to him Nani was happy. How different were the grey and dull days!

Today the Sun had risen up as owner and master of the sky, no cloud competed against him for the throne. As a great fireball, powerful and unreachable, the large star seemed to be to the top of his castle, watchful, he was the keeper of the secret from a lot of living beings. Without him, how would be the world?, would it exist?… Nani was thinking of such dilemmas when she suddenly felt someone aproaching to her, she barely had time to react. At the same time she felt a hand holding her and some eyes watching her. She wanted to scream… she did with all her sthenght but no one heard her. In the twinkling of an eye, the hand gripped her strongly and pulled her up.

Nani, the wild flower, couldn’t go back to her date with the moon that night. Someone, who liked flowers, took her home and put her in a vase together with other flowers.

That night, Nani died of sadness because she couldn’t talk with the stars anymore. Next morning a hand removed the withered flower and throwed it to the rubbish. Nani was drying up slowly mixed up with orange peelings, chicken bones, plastic bottles, newspapers… That morning some clouds appeared, hidden the Sun. It was a grey and sad day. A flower had died.