Design resources

Design Thinking:
Design Thinking is a working methodology based on co-creation. That invites you to create new solutions through teamwork and turn your members into creative designers. When co-creating we can not define the resulting project but we do put all our knowledge and skills to understand, question and make proposals in order to reach new challenges in our field.

Traffic light exercice:

The objective of this exercise is to analyze the pros and cons of the thematic area in which you work. For this you must follow these steps:

Step 1. Write individually negative aspects that occur to you in relation to the thematic field chosen in pink post-its. Write positive aspects in green post-its and do the same with the aspects that generate doubts in yellow post-its.

Step 2.
Group the post-its in semantic fields (without taking into account the colors). Name the groups generated, comment and rate the fields according to the color that predominates in each of them. With this you can see the much more organized information and decide which thematic field to work.



The objective of this exercise is to generate many ideas in a short time, for this you need the templates that are attached and a team of 5 people.

The activity is divided into two parts, the first consists in distributing the templates, which refer to different areas of the same subject among the participants. They, in a maximum time of 2 minutes, have to write briefly three ideas on that field. After two minutes the templates are rotated in the clockwise direction and all participants have a different scope for which they must generate three other ideas. And keep on changing every two minutes until all the templates have been completed.

In the second part of the activity the members of the group have to vote with green stickers and individually the ideas they find most interesting. This is reflected in a very visual way which ideas are more popular and therefore with which to start working.