This is the firts phase of the project and the most important one. We want to know the context better, as well as the science level of knowledhe in schools.
During this phase of the project we are going to work with teachers. We will get the information we need running co-creation workshops in different schools around the country.
In this workshops we will share design thinking, co-creation and performing arts tools with teachers.


From all the insights we will get in the first phase, we will try to narrow them to ideate and produce a science show. In this second phase of the project, we will work with some scientiphic and performative advisors.


We will walk this path in order to get an innovative science show that we will perform nationally and internationally. We know how sense of humor and performativity can help in the science promotion. That is why after having done co-creative projects to develop educational resources and exhibitions, we belive that now is the right moment to co-create a science show. We believe that with this new show we will be able to reach even more people. We are vey confortable in the discipline borders and we work in transdisciplinariety because we feel ready for it.
This proyect is thought as a circle so the schools who participated in the firts phase will get the performance of the science show.