Immersed in experimentation, movement and play in Caudete

Planes, trains and cars, all transport are good and necessary to continue our route through the territory. Next stop Castilla la Mancha, Caudete. There we work with a group of masters very dedicated, dynamic and willing.

The first thing that caught our attention in the section of negative things or that impede teaching and learning in this school Gloria Fuertes is the rejection of students in the established rules, as well as any established or disciplinary order. Of course, and this is timeless, the students of this center do not even want to hear about homework.

In the curricular aspect the teaching staff notes a strong rejection before the more abstract or theoretical subjects that require a long explanation.

The teacher denounces a lack of motivation and interest on the part of the student, lack of involvement on the part of the families and an excess of judgment about their work. They repeat their work with this phrase: “do a thousand things at once, not enjoy the process and only think about the result”

For this team of teachers the textbook and working with it is something that neither contributes nor detracts, it is something accepted and its tool of work. It is not significant for them when it comes to developing their work the number of students, their ages, the type of classroom, its distribution or the heroism of it. They also think that the distribution of the schedule and the distribution of the subjects affect little to the development of their work.

Among the things that they like and that work in class, there are four main groups:

The first of the groups asks for movement, play, experimentation and the appearance of the performing arts within the class as a way of imparting knowledge. Everything that comes out of the curriculum is attractive to the students and they show it by getting involved and having fun in learning.

The second group stands out for the preference of all for teamwork and participation in class.

In the third one, the motivation and the aptitude of the teaching staff appear as a fundamental tool to approach the subjects. The good result goes hand in hand with naturalness, positivity and enthusiasm. The reward is that they enjoy learning and the satisfaction of the objectives fulfilled.

Fourth, the use of digital technologies as an educational resource makes its appearance, albeit timidly.

Something curious and that is outside of these groups, are the experiences and personal experiences of the teachers are attractive for the student and how they give good results when explaining a subject.

The most important ideas of brainstorming in writing, the Brainwriting, were the following:

  • Develop skills through tutorials so that students improve self-confidence and frustration in the face of failure.
  • Work the values through stories.
  • Talks related to social networks.
  • Sports competitions at break times with the rest of the courses to get to know each other better.
  • Share experiences that are motivating and enriching.
  • Teacher training to work with technologies in the classroom.
  • Search attractive resources such as stories and documentaries to see them in the classroom.
  • Experiments with laboratory material.
  • Cooperative dynamics.
  • Carry a points and rewards system to motivate the student.
  • Use of manipulable materials.
  • Coordination among all teachers for new ideas.