Second School visited was IES Paterna de la Rivera in Andalucia

The I.E.S of Paterna de la Rivera, in a small town in the province of Cádiz, was our next destination. This time we would explore the dynamics designed with a group of secondary school teachers.

We arrived at a charming center where Pepe, an enthusiastic science teacher who had summoned the teachers of his center to participate in our workshop, was waiting for us. It is a reality that there is communication between teachers from different schools and that is why we come to this place.

We received a heterogene group of teachers with whom we learned a little further on the perception and acceptance of certain curricular contents. Each of our proposals was received first with expectation and then with enthusiasm. It was almost four hours in which the ideas flowed in both directions without stopping.

After analyzing all the documentation that we miss from the proposed activities, we take the following analysis.

The first thing called attention at the time of analyzing the activity of the “traffic light” in which we ask them to write what they think does not work in post-its roses, what they do in green and what they generate doubts in yellow, it is the teachers’ concern to approach the students, to relate and empathize with them. They aim to have good humor and joy in the classroom. In the same way they like to listen to the experiences and experiences of the teaching staff as well as to count theirs and feel protagonists.

Teachers find it difficult to capture the attention of students and to be able to motivate them. Surprisingly for the students of this center technology is indifferent and teachers complain about lack of material resources.

The curriculum continues to bore both teachers and students. The former find tedious the amount of bureaucracy they have to write to comply with the legislation and the latter shy away from the more traditional education: memorizing, delivery of works or theoretical lectures.

In this school the context of the center, its location or its structure is not seen as a problem, or even that some teachers have to do several kilomentros per day. However, if the itinerary of the interim teaching staff is a problem.

Although the students do not feel like surpassing themselves and give up when the difficulties begin, the teacher encourages them to achieve small achievements. They enjoy and “hook” to the subject when they work in groups and have to expose something, or when they go abroad or do laboratory practices.

The most important ides in the written brainstorming, or Brainwriting, were the following:

  • Give more weight to experiment than to memorize.
  • Work emotional intelligence in the classroom.
  • Integrate the center in the life of the town.
  • Activities close to reality and work fun news.

Our route through Andalusia continued!