Our international growth

A backpack. All the show of #esxciencia fits in a backpack. We flew from Málaga to Belfast, and from there we would go to Liverpool.

We had previously made some contacts with people from the performing arts in Belfast and a school in Liverpool.

Our first concern was the flight. We didn’t know if they would let us fly with un umbrella. You may think it would be easier to buy a new one at the destination, but it is not that easy. Our special umbrella has galaxies printed on it and plays an important role in our show. It’s hard to find. We have brought it expressly from Croatia. It’s nothing in there…

Our first performance in Belfast was in a circus school, where we felt at home. The attending audience was motley and linked to the performing arts.

I must admit that we were really worried about how an audience so different to a spanish public would receive us. How many times have we not heard about “english humour”? But it only took David coming on the scene to hear their laughter and the show began to flow.

This gave us a lot of energy for the next “gig”. In two days we would visit a center with students with special educative needs and ages between 14 and 17 years old.

When at the end of the performance a teacher comes to tell you that it’s the first time that those teens stay seated and attentive for more than 10 minutes, you feel an indescribable rush. And #esxciencia lasts 40 minutes!!!

When we arrived at Liverpool the thermometer had plummeted. A cold front was sweeping the area and the first cold symptoms came to say hello. One thing was clear, even if we would end up with our noses full of snot, we wouldn’t cancel our show.

Streatham Schools is a place with a very particular phylosophy of education. This center has very few pupils and very limited classes where both young and older children share some activities.

It was a pleasure stepping onto the stage and see the snow falling through the windows while we were disseminating science.

All the school assited to our performance and everyone made questions. In fact, we were answering questions more than an hour, listening to the explanations of Irene. She loves give explanations based on science. Finally, our noses were soaked just as we were. Our noses were full of snot, and we were full of laughter and science.

It was time to get back to Spain.

Caudete and Almansa were waiting for us.

Tour Begins, Paterna

After so many workshops, so many rehearsal times, tests and mistakes, after we had analised all the collected information, the release day of our show had finally come.
The sports centre of IES Paterna de la Rivera would be our first stage.
We arrived very early because of the nerves and responsability of our debut in public. Nothing should fail.
We organized the space and prepared all the ingredients #esciencia has. There are more tan 70 elements we have to manage during the 40 minutes of

performance. Nowadays we already have all under control so we can have it all ready in one hour, but being the first day it took us nearly two hours.
We were very excited to start in Paterna. Our connection in the previous workshop with the teachers team was really good, and that gave us confidence. We were wishing to receive their feedback and see the results.

Music went on and curtains were opened. #esxciencia had reached Paterna. We feel the next 40 minutes like they were 4 minutes. It couldn’t had been better and as we had expected, except for one thing. During all our rehearsals we couldn’t make the “balloon trick” work but this time it was perfect. In science as wel as in life, we have to try, try and try again.

150 students of IES Paterna applaused enthusiastically. Then it was time to analise what they had seen. Where was the science in our show? And yes. The audience were reviewing in detail all the science we had been playing with. They had been understood all this crazy train trip in which our show is based. We had got it. Subtly, barely with words, a lot of mimics, playing in clown style, teaching and laughing, we succeed in revealing our science.

We were absolutely satisfied and as the end of a perfect moment, the members of the professorate approached to us and congratulated us for the work well done.
What else could we ask for our debut?
We think we couldn’t ask for better. Next day we had two new performances addressed to elementary students. Would they understand what we had come to show?

Thanks a lot and lot of science.